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 Buffarea.com is a website from the Fashion Project of Guangzhou Jie Beili Trading Co., Ltd that has become an Australian eBay seller as early as 2009. The following year, its self-operated website crazysales.com.au entered the list of Australia's top ten online department stores, with over 150W registered users.

Buffara is an online shopping platform which offers a wide range of products ranging from tastefully tops to dresses and accessories in every possible trendy design at the most competitive prices.With several years of experience in clothing design,we are committed to providing absolutely the best set of clothes to touch your skin.

The clothes are not simply clothes, it is a kind of attitude and lifestyle.Buffara is not just a place to sporadically shop cool hoodies from and we want you to indulge in this life style with us.Moreover, the sizes we provide not only suitable for adults, but also for youth.

Each item is designed and carefully printed under the supervision of our extremely talented and highly competent art designers stationed in each and every one of our factories equipped with the most advanced equipment to ensure that your Buffara experience is seamless and exhilarating.

In the multitude of factories, we have set up over the years there is a setup of professional production equipment that has the ability to manufacture thousands of items per day altogether while maintaining the utmost standard of quality.

At Buffara , everyone works immensely hard to ensure that the best and only the best reaches you for which our team of supervisors go through each product manufactured to make sure it is worthy of our honored customers.

Our Buffara team values nothing more than the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. We want everyone to join in and enjoy the journey on Buffara .

Guangzhou Jie Beili Trading Co., Ltd

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